Donate / Sponsor

CCSC is strictly a non-profit organization. Our income consists of membership dues and events’ fees. We also apply for grants from various governmental organizations, here and abroad. Every dollar we receive is returned back into our organization in form of planned activities, events, catering etc.We have many plans, big and small. We would like to organize summer camps, trips to our native countries, language courses and more. We may achieve all our goals but only with a help of friends, sponsors, donors and benefactors. We are well aware that there are many good causes and worthy fundraisers that people and organizations with financial means can target for their charitable efforts. Our club is small but can reach many. We are not asking for much but we can deliver a lot.
Please consider California Czech and Slovak Club to be one of the beneficiaries of your generosity. Help us to keep our culture and heritage alive. Contact us with your idea of help.